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360  Body Sculpting                           $2000/Start


Double Chin / Cheeks / Arms / Armpits / Back / Thighs / Hips / Calves

/ Inner & Outer Knees / etc

Through life, we exhibit different emotions. Unfortunately, these emotions also create wrinkles on our face, whether these are wrinkles on your forehead, or laugh lines around our mouth, or crows feet around your eyes. As you age, these become more pronounced. La Princesa can eliminate the wrinkles on your forehead, around the eyes, on the neck, and lift up your eyebrows for a refreshed look. Experience counts, and we have a team of some the most experienced physicians in the Philadelphia metro area. With a gentle touch and attention to detail, their artistry assure you of safe and superb results.

Fat Grafting                                         $1500/Start



Forehead /  Eye Hollow /  Lips / Smile Lines / Chin / Breast / Hip-Up / Temple / Cheeks

Baby Face



Fat grafting, also called fat transfer, plumps up facial or body features with a patient's own fat. Fat transfer is designed to minimize wrinkles and fill in parts of the face or body with a "sunken" appearance. It can also reduce scarring and correct deformities. Since fat transfer uses your own fat cells, there is no risk of the body rejecting the tissue.


Who is a candidate?

People with:

  • Facial scars, such as from acne.

  • Decreased facial volume due to diseases such as hemifacial atrophy.

  • Sunken cheeks and wrinkles due to aging.

  • Small, depressed areas in sections of the body – such as around the breasts.


Three MUST HAVE steps to have a balanced. Beautiful look!


Rounded. Full foreheads make the face look younger and smaller.



Small dimples complete the baby face. Leaving you adorable and charming look.


Short Chin

Simple short chin correction will accentuate your V-line and overall of your face.

One Operation > Triple Results!!!

Youthful Looks                                   $1000/Start



TR Lifting

"Reduction of sagging skin and increase in Elasticity and Tension"

• Bring back 10 years younger look within 30 minutes

• Semi-permanent procedure with care

• Safe Procedure that doesn't stress your skin

• Quick Recovery and transition back to your daily life


Gold Lifting

• Wrinkle Reduction and rejuenation at the same time

• No incisions-No bleeding

• Quick recovery and transition

• Highly customizable operation based on your needs



Thread Lifting

• V-line lifting using collagen thread

• Non-incision treatment-Quick recovery

• Lift the saggy skin and become young

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